Drywall Repair

This job involved the repair of a rather large hole in the wall of a local residence. In order to fix this, the hole was modified using a cutting utensil to adjust the hole so a drywall patch could be used. The patch was cut to size and then held in place by drywall putty.. read more →

Metal Carport Repaired.

The carport at the local Walmart was damaged when a Semi-truck ran in to it warping and damaging the metal roofing unit at the corner. The damaged portion of the carport was removed and replaced with a custom designed replacement. The replacement was molded and then bolted in to place, which is now ready for.. read more →

Drywall Repair In Phoenix Arizona

These are the before and after images of a drywall patch performed on a local residence in Phoenix Arizona. The materials utilized for the job were drywall replacement board, putty, and drywall tape. The finished project was then painted for a smooth finish resulting in an unrecognizable patch. read more →

Concrete Stair Repair in Phoenix Arizona

Before and after pictures of concrete stair repair. Stairs crumbled due to time and use, as well as the underlining metal plate, which had rusted completely. The stairs were located in auto bay of the local Walmart. The supporting metal plate was replaced and new concrete set. read more →

Baseboard Repair

Super Handyman Service repairs baseboards. Here is a recent job that we completed in Surprise, AZ. We have various method of how we do so. In this we used filling compounds to repair the damage. We take care take care of a lot of baseboards. read more →

Benefits of Hiring a Handyman

When it comes to doing work around the house, many people think they know what they are doing. In most cases there are a lot of little things that you can do right, but what happens when something that looks easy, turns out into a complex thing. Better yet, what happens when the weekend project.. read more →

Benefits You’ll Receive From Hiring a Professional Handyman

When it comes to getting your home improvement done fast and easy, you could get all your friends together and hope that they are all good at swinging a hammer, or you could go with a more realistic option. The more realistic choice in dealing with home repairs on the fly is to look online.. read more →

Drywall Repair Surprise AZ

Here is a typical repair we do often. It is a back patio lid that is pealing and the drywall texture is falling. This drywall repair is to simply scrape the bad texure and re tape the joints and re texture. After dry com back and sand and paint. We do this a lot. this.. read more →

Painting Work At Carmax

Did some painting work at Carmax leading to the mechanic bays. Oily mess but easy work. Cleaned everything and prepped it for paint. We painted the floors and the walls and doors. We used Floor epoxy for the floor. read more →

Tile Roof Repair in Phoenix, Peoria and Glendale

Here is a tile roof we repaired that was leaking. Many other roof contractors try to sell you a new roof but Super Handyman Service will fix the problem and help you save. 9 times out of 10 its a valley or like in this case getting in at the underlayment as did this person… read more →