Setting The Forms for a Pool Deck

Today was getting all the forms set for a new concrete pool deck. Have to set it with a good pitch and keep it all level that is how you do it so that the water runs away from the pool and also looks even all the way around. Keep in mind that when your.. read more →

Getting Help With Home Improvement – Hire a Handyman

Homeowners sometimes neglect to keep up the maintenance of their homes. There are a lot of things that can get in the way of improving a home from time to time. There are a lot of responsibilities that adults have to deal with, and the home gets neglected often. Whether you’re dealing with regular wear.. read more →

Emergency Water Leak Repair at Walmart Sams club

Was about 30′ up in the ceiling today at Sams club performing an emergency water line leak repair. This water line was located directly above the bakery so emergency service was necessary we were called and out to the repair asap. Emergency water leak repairs in Phoenix, Glendale , Surprise, Peoria are common repairs. a.. read more →

Getting Projects Done With Help – How A Handyman Can Assist

It happens all the time, homeowners think that they are savvy and can do just about anything in the home, and they get started. They start swinging a hammer and they start using the tools that have been sitting in the garage for months on end, and then all the work stops. A wall is.. read more →

Stucco Repair in Glendale, AZ at Walmart

This stucco pop out at Walmart had seen better days. According to the store manager the associates were hitting it with the pallets on the pallet jack and this is why there was damage. The repair was straight forward first remove the damaged pop out. Then install a new pop out. The replacement process includes.. read more →

Save Money and Time – Call a Handyman

When it comes to getting home improvement done in the home, many people immediately call a contractor. They are surprised to find out the answer that the majority of construction companies give the general public, which is no. The reason why many companies turn down work is because they don’t do small projects, which is.. read more →

Leaking Roof Drain Repaired at Samsclub in Phoenix

Sams club in Phoenix roof drain was seriously clogged with debris to point that the glue joints were cracking and leaking. We were able to repair the leak at the Phoenix location by using a couple of fern-co couplings and good old fashion silicone as added insurance. It was high up in the ceiling so.. read more →

New Window Install In Scottsdale Flip House And Same Day Roof Repair Scottsdale House

Today was some heavy lifting with this 7 foot by 3.5 foot window we installed in Scottsdale AZ. Everything was basic and to the point with this install except the size of the window it was simple work. Cut out the old window remove it from the stucco and re install it and patch the.. read more →

New Water Line install Scottsdale House Flip

We installed a new water line for the ice make on a refrigerator in a house that is being flipped in Scottsdale. The Investor that hired us do the work asked us at the last minute if we could add one for him and today we installed it and also repair the front irrigation drip.. read more →

Searching for The Best Handyman

When you are in need of help around the home, and you aren’t experienced with certain skill sets, you’ll want to get a helping hand. Often times you will find that contractors and other experts charge quite a bit to fix even the simplest of jobs. In order to protect yourself from breaking the bank.. read more →