Stucco Repair in Glendale, AZ at Walmart

This stucco pop out at Walmart had seen better days. According to the store manager the associates were hitting it with the pallets on the pallet jack and this is why there was damage. The repair was straight forward first remove the damaged pop out. Then install a new pop out. The replacement process includes.. read more →

Leaking Roof Drain Repaired at Samsclub in Phoenix

Sams club in Phoenix roof drain was seriously clogged with debris to point that the glue joints were cracking and leaking. We were able to repair the leak at the Phoenix location by using a couple of fern-co couplings and good old fashion silicone as added insurance. It was high up in the ceiling so.. read more →

New Water Line install Scottsdale House Flip

We installed a new water line for the ice make on a refrigerator in a house that is being flipped in Scottsdale. The Investor that hired us do the work asked us at the last minute if we could add one for him and today we installed it and also repair the front irrigation drip.. read more →

Drywall Repair in Peoria Vistancia and a New Door Install

Here is were the water was leaking from the upstairs french door to the down stairs. The door was destroyed by water damage and is in need of replacement. Today we finished up a job in Vistancia Peoria, AZ for a a man that had a french door on the 2nd story that was leaking.. read more →

Aluminum Awning In Phoenix

Today we working on installing an aluminum awning in Phoenix Arizona. The Awning is to create some shade for a married couple and there grand children. It gets extremely hot in Arizona so the husband Ernie call Super Handyman Phoenix to come and build a patio cover. he requested that the patio cover be made.. read more →

The Progress On The Phoenix Handyman Job

Here is the progress on the moving to Phoenix job. I was able to get the dogie door install, the outdoor security light, the vanity installed, and the drywall work started. I should be finishing up on this project soon. We still have to install 2 new doors, one is a standard interior door and.. read more →

Just Moving To Phoenix

I am doing a lot of odds and ends for a lady who has just moved to Phoenix Arizona. The list of various home repairs are as follows, Install dog door, install bath vanity with plumbing, install ceiling fans in various rooms, add a security light to exterior, and some drywall repair pictures. Iam not.. read more →

Another Interesting Job By The Super Handyman Phoenix

The leak repair performed on Friday in Phoenix Arizona, was an interesting one. The fact that the leak was not obviously found by prier handymen and contractors made it that more rewarding when it was repaired by Super Handyman Phoenix. The leak was coming from the cable vent and was leaking down to the window.. read more →

Great Skate Job Finished

  The Phoenix handyman completed the Great Skate lighting job in Phoenix.  There was a little more work than originally planed, but the good was I had the material stocked in the trailer. So even though they added on a few lights and switches i got it done. They were pleased with the work that.. read more →

Unexpected Review by Arlene

Read Arlene U.‘s review of Super Handyman Service on Yelp read more →