New Window Install In Scottsdale Flip House And Same Day Roof Repair Scottsdale House

Today was some heavy lifting with this 7 foot by 3.5 foot window we installed in Scottsdale AZ. Everything was basic and to the point with this install except the size of the window it was simple work. Cut out the old window remove it from the stucco and re install it and patch the.. read more →

New Water Line install Scottsdale House Flip

We installed a new water line for the ice make on a refrigerator in a house that is being flipped in Scottsdale. The Investor that hired us do the work asked us at the last minute if we could add one for him and today we installed it and also repair the front irrigation drip.. read more →

New Updated Website Build

This is the first entry on the new website remodel / build. read more →