24 Mar 2020

New Water Line install Scottsdale House Flip

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We installed a new water line for the ice make on a refrigerator in a house that is being flipped in Scottsdale. The Investor that hired us do the work asked us at the last minute if we could add one for him and today we installed it and also repair the front irrigation drip system manifold. pretty easy work except there was no water on either side of the wall were the water line was to go and it was an old house and a flat roof so no easy access to the pex in the attic or access to the attic at all. So its through the hvac duct work we went and that is how we were able to connect the new water line repair in Scottsdale. From the bathroom to the duct and over and now theirs going to be ice in the fridge when this house is done.

Threw the wall and in the duct

Fixed the irrigation drip system as well easy work.

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